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About us

We work at the intersection of business, creativity and technology. Collaborating with clients to build innovative products and immersive experiences.


  • Discovery and Research
  • Ideation
  • Process optimization
  • Data science


  • User Experience
  • Web and Mobile Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Branding


  • Mobile & Web
  • VR & AR
  • Backend & Frontend
  • E-Commerce

Our clients

We work with partners large and small from across the globe - angel investors, VCs, start-ups and global brands. Developing collaborative projects across time zones.

Clients about us

  • Daniel Coutinho – Managing Director, NOWNESS

    "We needed a committed team with the versatile expertise to carry out this vision with cutting edge technology. Airnauts made a stellar job at proposing the technology stack, implementing it and smartly solving the issues along the way."

  • Tegan Bukowski – CEO, SereneBook

    "The reason why we chose Airnauts is because their portfolio and previous projects showed us that they are dedicated not just to the technological aspects of their projects, but also the creative process from beginning to end. We were looking for a team who understand our concept and take it one step beyond functionality."

  • Garrett Darland – CEO, Digital Distillers

    "One thing that separates Airnauts from other teams I've worked with is the way they take ownership of your idea. Ideas are fragile and you have to in-trust them with a team that takes them on as their own and treats them with the respect they deserve."

  • Chad Newell – CEO,

    "We were initially looking for an iPhone developer that could help build a few core features of our app. The new relationship was going so well, we decided for a long-term cooperation with Airnauts as they became a valuable addition to our team. They always delivered great quality and always on time."

  • Richard Agerbeek – CEO, Sweden Unlimited

    "Airnauts proved to be a great partner that provides complex solutions using latest technologies. They adapt quickly and are great at handling tight turnarounds"

  • Svetlana Dragayeva – CEO, Virry

    "What we like best about Airnauts is that the working process with them is never restricted to execution, instead it's always a process of co-creation with a focus on problem solving as a team with a common goal. We are happy to work with people who have a deep understanding about our product, and have a genuine interest in the work they do."

How we work


Research & Scoping



Backend & CMS




Say Hi, Hola, Bonjour, Hej, Ciao...
Contact us and let's start a conversation.

The first stage where we begin to gather information, building a creative brief that will act as the blueprint of the project.

After understanding all aspects of the product, we start designing the user experience and user interface. Sketching, wire-framing, designing and animating to create smart and elegant designs.

Every digital product needs a solid cross-platform interface.
In this stage we focus on converting designs into tangible pieces.

Developing a scalable & reliable backend, customized for each client's needs, is our day to day business.

Extensive QA sessions help us identify the ways to improve the product.

We'll orchestrate the smooth launch 🚀of your product.

Every project always evolves over time.
We provide daily maintenance and regular updates.


There are many ways to collaborate with us, we can fly solo or in tandem with a hands-on client.

Building your project from A-Z... We guide you through concept refining, business modelling, design, development, and launch. We take the whole project on our shoulders and let you focus on next steps.

This is the best option if you would like us to allocate some of our resources to meet your ad-hoc needs. You can be sure that whenever you turn to us, we will be there. Happy to help!

We innovate products for our clients. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ business: researching, designing, and building.

We enjoy delivering great products to our clients, however sometimes we love it so much that we want to play a larger role. We mean forging a long-term partnership, sharing your vision and passion to create a game-changing product. We invest our time and expertise to deliver high-quality design and technology.

Drop us a line

Looking forward to hearing from you. [email protected]

+48 501 766 323
Piękna 49
00-672 Warsaw, Poland
[email protected]

+1 332 204 1980
49 Bleecker St. #407
New York, NY 10012
[email protected]

+33 6 89 44 20 69
30 Rue du Chemin Vert
75011 Paris, France
[email protected]

Hi there,
I’m Kate - great to e-meet you.
There are three quick ways to discuss our potential future collaboration, just select one below and let's get started!

What’s your name?

What's your email?

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Who would you like to talk to?

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Should I ask him for a short call?

Connected to the chat

Perfect, let’s draft a quick brief.
What type of project do you have in mind?

What kind of services are you looking for?

Do people have to login?
An email login is generally best to start with.
Unless your app will have integration with services like Facebook or Twitter

Do people create personal profiles?
A profile means that some of the people that use your app will have to enter information about themselves

Are you planning to have push notifications?

Does the app need access to features native to your phone like sensor info?
For example, the iPhone Moves app automatically tracks any walking, cycling, and running you do by accessing sensor info from your iPhone.

Do people rate or review things?
Keep in mind, ranking systems can vary in complexity and thus can have an impact on your budget.

How will you make money from your app?

Does your app need to connect with other services?
This means we'll need to integrate and possibly expose an API (or Application Programming Interface.) It's how all friendly apps talk to each other.

Are we going to have search functionality?
The cost to build search can vary greatly, depending on the complexity.

Do you need location-based or navigational elements?
Ex: Google Maps, Foursquare, Uber

What type of backend technology are you looking for?

Do you want to have a state of the art User Experience?
Custom UX, custom gestures, custom animations, and custom transitions will win the market for sure.

How nice should your app look?
It's not cheap being pretty.

Can you share the designs with us?

Please paste a link to your designs

Do you want to include real user testing?

Do you need it to work well across multiple devices?
e.g. phones, tablets, web, etc?

Do you need an app icon?
Designing a quality app icon will help you stand out in the app store and on the device.

Do you need logo?

How would you like to collaborate?

Please describe the project in a few words

What is an hourly rate you are fine paying? In US Dollars

OK, we are done with the brief.
Great job!
Let's keep the momentum and schedule a call with one of our founders.

Who would you like to talk to?

Just pick any time slot that suits you.
or you can give him a call +48 535 714 196

Here's a link where you can schedule a call.
Just pick any time slot that suits you.
or you can give him a call +48 501 766 323

Here's a link where you can schedule a call.
Just pick any time slot that suits you.
or you can give him a call +48 606 697 429

Here's a link where you can schedule a call.
Just pick any time slot that suits you.
or you can give him a call +48 601 204 858

Thanks for your time!
It was a pleasure.
We will get back to you as soon as possible, thanks.


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