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  • “Airnauts proved to be a great partner that provides complex solutions using the latest technologies. They adapt quickly and are great at handling tight turnarounds.”

    Richard Agerbeek Richard Agerbeek Founding Partner, Creative Director

  • “Our demanding project required a flexible approach and Airnauts delivered. Their ideas and creations were exactly what our international users needed. A truly responsible, talented and creative team capable of working magic.”

    Frederico Knabben Frederico Knabben CEO of CKSource

  • “Airnauts keep their promises and offer a perfect mix of tech and creativity. They are clever, innovative, open and reliable, providing on-going support for our business.”

    Tony Medrano Tony Medrano CEO at Boopsie

  • “We were initially looking for an iPhone developer that could help build a few core features of our app. The new relationship was going so well, we decided for a long-term cooperation with Airnauts as they became a valuable addition to our team. They always delivered great quality and always on time.”

    Chad Newell Chad Newell CEO at Snapwire

  • “Airnauts proved to be a dynamic, flexible team - a perfect fit for our company. Both design and implementation were executed above our expectations and we look forward to working together again.”

    Alex Kornilov Alex Kornilov CEO at Betegy

  • “As a public listed company we work only with professionals that can deliver highest quality, on time and within budget. All of these were delivered by Airnauts.”

    Boleslaw Drapella Boleslaw Drapella CEO at Morizon S.A.


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Part of the LVMH Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy group, NOWNESS is an interactive lifestyle video social platform.

Utilizing a full stack of the latest web technologies, NOWNESS brings amazing content through an outstanding user experience.
  • Scalable Node.js Back-end
  • Single Page Angular.js Front-end App
  • Built from scratch, fully customized CMS
  • Archival content and userbase migration
  • Ongoing Maintenance and development


Snapwire connects a new generation of photographers with businesses and brands that need on-demand creative imagery. Snapwire’s iOS App keeps you up to date with the latest requests, who’s having success, and much more.Shoot from your mobile, upload from your camera roll or the cloud. With success, you’ll earn points, level up and unlock features that get you closer to being a Pro.

  • iOS Client App


HeyTaxi is a fully functional platform developed by Airnauts and implemented in Moldova. It allows you to order a taxi with just a tap. You can see all nearby available taxis on a map, check the drivers rating, price and car details and you can track your cab while it’s en route and get notification when it arrives.

  • Airnauts Product
  • Scalable Node.js Back-End
  • Complex UX & UI Design
  • iOS Client App
  • Android Client & Driver App is a Photoshop extension connected with a Cloud platform that boosts the designer - developer - customer workflow loop to hyperspeed.

  • Airnauts Product
  • Adobe Photoshop Plugin
  • Scalable Node.js Back-End
  • Complex UX & UI Design


An app designed for those who need to light large areas for construction, special events, mining, energy production or any number of other applications. Simply locate the area that needs to be lit on the satellite image, define the boundaries of the area and then virtually set up portable light towers.

  • UX & UI Design
  • iOS Universal App


CKSource is the creator of CKEditor, the most popular WYSIWYG HTML editor, and CKFinder, a powerful online Ajax file manager. Both applications are used by millions of people around the world.

  • Complex UX & UI Design


BETEGY is a genius algorithm-driven service that provides precise football predictions using statistical analysis.

  • Complex UX & UI Design
  • Responsive web
  • Twitter application
  • Facebook application


Boopsie is a leader when it comes to moving Libraries into Mobile world. They not only integrates with every major ILS provider, but also integrate with every major eContent provider as well, including OverDrive, Recorded Books, 3M Cloud Library, and Axis 360.

  • Complex UX & UI Design
  • Responsive web
  • Backend integration


Gifyo is a great place to share your life with both new and old friends. Whether you’re conversating with childhood friends or meeting new friends from all around the world, it’s important to do your part to keep Gifyo a fun and thriving community.

  • Complex UX & UI Design for Web and Mobile
  • iOS Client App


Take photos and develop them with your own hands. Tilt the device to spread the chemical liquid and make your picture emerge. Holding the liquid in one place for too long will result in a burned area. Omitting a part of the picture will leave it undeveloped. Each photo is unique!

  • iOS App


Sometimes life brings you a Moment, a 30 second personalized video message sent by someone who matters to you. Unlock life changing Moments from different influencers located across the globe. No matter what the occasion, there will always be a Moment for you.

  • Complex UX & UI Design for Web and Mobile


Spiral Scout specializes in writing e-learning software, building e-commerce websites, content portals, digital asset management systems, intranet sites and mobile apps for iOS, Android and the iPad.

  • UX & UI Design
  • Ongoing Design support

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